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Galerie Nina Negreba - Oeuvres de Nina Negreba

Galerie Nina Negreba - Oeuvres de Nina Negreba

Nina Negreba
Nina Negreba
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Ajouté le 10 fevrier 2010
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Assouvir l attention

fleurs blanches

bleu clair tranquillité

regardent dans le futur

temps à avoir café

voyage de maria

transparent regard

deux soleils refroidir au loin

tous est allé loin

ville arome

avoir lair de

compressé lèvres


Attendant la confession

  - I create my own system of thought and experience. This world is mine, in which there is inner search with feeling of individuality. I push off from «senses», and a color in my works always carries disturbed, splash of emotions occurs - get in certain state of «madness»...
[Announcement - Nina Negreba - 1Ko - 2010]

  - Nina Negreba works in the field of applied arte. Now she is a teacher of Sumy higher school of Art and Culture after D. S. Bortniansky. Nina Negreba was born in Germany. Now she has been living in Sumy. She attended B. B. Danchenko's studio. She studied at Lviv Institute of decorative-applied Arts. She has been participant of the exhibition since 1...
[Biography - Nina Negreba - 2Ko - 2010]