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Galerie Elio Picariello - Oeuvres de Elio Picariello

Galerie Elio Picariello - Oeuvres de Elio Picariello

Elio Picariello
Elio Picariello
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Ajouté le 5 decembre 2020
Ajouté le 14 aout 2020
Ajouté le 21 juin 2020
Ajouté le 30 mai 2020
Ajouté le 2 mai 2020
Ajouté le 1 mai 2020
Ajouté le 26 avril 2020
Ajouté le 25 avril 2020
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Canal Venise

Bateau à repos

Normand La tour Côte amalfitaine

Cilento avec amour

orsara di puglia fg

Raccourcie orsara di puglia fg

vénitien canal

portrait de femme

Raccourcie lac de côme

Raccourcie Ombrienne neige éternelle

venise italie

scanno aq

vénitien canal

Une soirée d'estate

Détente sa zone champs



molinara bn

orsara di puglia fg

pcs forenza

Se égarer all'infinito

Chute de neige au morcone bn

Attendre congé

Pont des soupirs venise italie

Raccourcie de forenza zp

  - Elio Picariello was born on 29 July 1961 in Montefredane (Av) From an early age he was fascinated by colors so that he attended the study of the master Mario Barra where he had the first approaches with painting. The first brushstrokes date back to his tender childhood. He might have seemed just a child who enjoyed painting canvases, but in reality...
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