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Galerie Alan Hogan - Oeuvres de Alan Hogan

Galerie Alan Hogan - Oeuvres de Alan Hogan

Alan Hogan
Alan Hogan
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Ajouté le 14 fevrier 2013
Ajouté le 1 juin 2012
Ajouté le 20 octobre 2011
Ajouté le 9 octobre 2011
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La Vache orange

Voici l été!

rouge grange

La Maison Rouge en Finlande

Mount Errigal

Bromarf coucher du soleil

Helsinki Cathédrale

Paysage d Åland

Le Calypso

Chemin Birch

Port de Sydney

Le Cairn Terrier

Fleurs explosifs

Deux chats noirs

Sophia Paysage

  - JADE GALLERY Pengerkatu 25, Helsinki, Finland presents 'Thoughts and Stories' An Art Exhibition by ALAN HOGAN 1.- 30.11.2011 A selection of paintings by artist Alan Hogan, most of which have a little story to tell. Each painting may also hold an individual interpretation for you the viewer. Find this event on Facebook www.alanhogano.webs.com
[Announcement - Alan Hogan - 4Ko - 2011]

  - Hi I'm Alan Hogan, and I live in a small town called Karis (Karjaa in Finnish) in southern Finland. I have been interested in painting since a young age. I was born in Ireland and I spent all of my school years in an all-boy school. Art was not encouraged much during my time as a student but I persisted to continue with it whether as a profession o...
[Biography - Alan Hogan - 4Ko - 2011]