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Artist & Author Arnold J. Isbister of western Canada.

Arnold Isbister continues to paint, teach while writing incorporating his ART into books. Arnold James Isbister
1 aout 2006

Arnold J. Isbister
Author of Stories Mo-Shum & Ko-Kum Told Me
Arnold J. Isbister is a celebrated native artist in Canada. He resides with his family in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Arnold’s words...
What I hope to transfer is that feeling of being there or a part of the storytelling as I remember it. I can recall scenes where my Mom & Dad would be telling stories in our small log home sometime to me and other times just talking in general which I overheard. There were visitors too where everybody started storytelling as soon as someone told one. Back then we didn't have any TV and for a long time no radio so when people came it was a big thing, an event to us kids. Our closest neighbour was about 4 miles away on a dirt trail and nobody had cars or trucks at least not us. Visiting and visits were cherished with the storytelling a common denominator which is what we remember the most - and in the context or 'scene' they were told. This is probably one of the factors in me being an Artist, also influencing the style or signature of thought going into my paintings. I remember an orange glow from the wood stove fires and the smell of fresh tea or cooked bannock in the air. This was a common scene in most households too since we all shared the same area, conditions, hardships and economy. Everything around us was 'earthy' not only in feel and touch but in color also. And because most (if not all) were not high school graduates or had university, many not even knowing the English language, affected the way these stories were told having or giving a different feel or character to them. The whole enviroment and time lent itself to stories which is part of our culture. If a person or child somewhere remembers just one of these stories I am happy. Hopefully they will pass it on............ or replay it in their minds with a smile on their faces.

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Thursday, March 30 - Book of the Month: Stories That Moshum and Kokum Told Me: (Listen in RealAudio…)

Many tribes have stories that are passed down from generation to generation through grandparents and elders. Arnold J. Isbister, a Plains Cree writer, shares seven generational stories from his family in his book, Stories That Moshum and Kokum Told Me. The book contains traditional stories about little people, northern lights, warriors and the arrival of missionaries in the Saskatchewan region of Canada. Stories That Moshum and Kokum Told Me is our March Book of the Month selection. Join us for a conversation with the author and illustrator, Arnold J. Isbister.

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