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Oeuvre >> Valery Budanov >> rocheux montagnes

Oeuvre >> Valery Budanov >> rocheux montagnes

"rocheux montagnes"
Valery Budanov
The Rocky Mountains are the main mountain range of North America that lies in the western United States and Canada. I have never been to America, but brought up on the books of Jack London, I always admired mountain peaks and often wrote them in my paintings. The themes of the paintings are the Himalayas, the mountains of Russia and, of course, the legend of America. The Rocky Mountains are a kind of pass to get from one part of the country to another, from east to west. I don't know if my pictures correspond to reality, but I tried to convey the very spirit of these stunning peaks

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amazing job! love the colors! want to see more from you!
(julia, 25 February 2019)


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