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Oeuvre >> Mirit Ben-Nun >> Israélien art contemporain femme artiste mirit Ben-Nun

Oeuvre >> Mirit Ben-Nun >> Israélien art contemporain femme artiste mirit Ben-Nun

"Israélien art contemporain femme artiste mirit Ben-Nun"
Mirit Ben-Nun
tinta et acrylique sur papier
These artwork conflicts at times with our ideas of how art should look like
of how it meets the observer' s expectations. Clearly this art does not respond to the sciences of the Art Academies, does not imitate the real world, nor does it use conventional perspectives.
Mirit Ben-Nun transmits her inner world and its sounds, giving rise to an infinite number of artistic compositions, springs of dreams, an assortment of realities and perhaps her 'Unreality.
Her art is connected to her life and the real world, it is a back and forth between herself and the spectator. Her thoughts are expressed in a unique style and approach.
Mirit Ben-Nun's art usually exists independently of reality, she even dares to move it away. Her aggressiveness in the use of primary colors along with bright tones, reveal Her autonomy in relation to shapes. The lines, the points and the forms do not try to imitate reality but rather give each work a unique importance showing the emotional charge of the artist.The artist has a spirit of rebellion, new ideas, trying to overcome without seeking perfection, just looking for expression. Through her work she explores personal identity trying to redefine the art itself. Its purpose is to describe and illustrate or to reproduce the world and the nature of human civilization, focusing primarily on the dominant exposure of the expressive function.His art is made by an artist that reflects the complex problems that shape our diverse, global and rapidly changing world, trying to redefine art.
Dora Woda

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You have many outstanding and original works of art. Love it.
(Karina Garno, 1 November 2019)


Dimensions : 20 - 29 Cm - 30 - 39 Cm