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Oeuvre >> Sinyavsky Dimitri >> Retour de pique nique

Oeuvre >> Sinyavsky Dimitri >> Retour de pique nique

"Retour de pique nique"
Sinyavsky Dimitri
Huile sur panneau - 30 Cm x 40 Cm
vendue encadrée en baguette de bois plein et Marie Louise
Certificat d'authenticité

480 €

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thank you for nice gallery!
i admire your artworks, always visit your gallery here
(alemmetris, 21 September 2016)
just gorgeous
wow, you are so talented...your gallery is charming, I am in love with it
(Liana, 12 July 2016)
Gorgeous scene
This is a gorgeous scene. I think it is one of the prettiest I have seen.
(Paul, 5 February 2016)
so much passion!
your artworks are really awesome, all of them! just wow!
(Lucy, 20 January 2016)
Wow. Excellent work
Excellent work. We are both impressed with what we have seen.
(Grace and Grant, 30 October 2015)
Excited to see this
I was very excited to see this today when I got online. What an excellent piece.
(Henry E., 18 October 2015)
Love the work you put into this
I must say that I love the work that you do. You truly are a great artist and will go far with this.
(CiCi, 6 October 2015)
Full of texture
This image is wonderful. I love how there is so much texture. I am amazed by it.
(Hank, 2 October 2015)


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