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Oeuvre >> Plamen Dimitrov >> Fairy Garden

Oeuvre >> Plamen Dimitrov >> Fairy Garden

"Fairy Garden"
Plamen Dimitrov
bronze - 78 Cm x 37 Cm

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I love this piece. It is apparent that you have taken your time and created a true masterpiece.
(Halley B., 27 September 2015)
Words can not express how wonderful this work is. Truly a great artist here!
(Ray, 23 September 2015)
Mind Blowning!
Mind Blowning! This Is One Of The Best Thing I Have Seen! Totally In Love! <3
(Kerry, 23 August 2015)
Great Sculpture, Hardwork Paid Off!
Great Sculpture, Hardwork Paid Off! It Really Look Nice And Unique, Hat's Of To Imagination And Patience. Loved It!
(Shane, 23 August 2015)
What a wonderful statue!
I like this artwork very much, it s full of energy and expectation!
(Sasha, 24 October 2013)


Styles Oeuvres : Abstrait - Contemporain - Figuratifs - Sculpture
Thèmes Oeuvres : Abstrait - Chiffres - Figuratifs - Figurative
Médias Oeuvres : Abstrait - Bronze - De Bronze - Métal - Sculpture