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Oeuvre >> Pellegrino - Leda >> 'LA Montagne Pelée' (Régale Rivière Pilote Martinique, 1981)

Oeuvre >> Pellegrino - Leda >> 'LA Montagne Pelée' (Régale Rivière Pilote Martinique, 1981)

"'LA Montagne Pelée' (Régale Rivière Pilote Martinique, 1981)"
Pellegrino - Leda
Huile sur papier neutre. - 50 Cm x 40 Cm
'LA Montagne Pelée': Ravin de basalte au pigment vert-de-gris. L ellipse novice et Fardeau fils. Pâles Eglantines fièvre sur le radeau. Phalènes et barcarolles échardes et lambeaux.
(Collection particulière. J aimerais rencontrer ce cher ami très!)

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Luigi Pellegrino

(Pellegrino - Leda, 3 novembre 2012)

(Pellegrino - Leda, 3 novembre 2012)
Extraordinary way of a brush strokes! Great works!
(Khilam Mer, 23 March 2016)
Fantastic work. Simply fantastic.
(Kateri, 25 February 2016)
Too cute
This is just too cute. I love it.
(Ani, 5 February 2016)
This is really nice work. I am glad that I saw it.
(Deb S, 20 January 2016)
What enticing work. I am intrigued by it.
(Petra, 16 December 2015)
Grand work. So much pure and raw talent here.
(Grant Albert, 13 December 2015)
Hello this is Benjamin. I just thought that this work was great and wanted to share my appreciation for it.
(Benjamin, 27 October 2015)
What a super piece. The blue is so calming and just makes me very peaceful.
(Rachel Anderson, 18 October 2015)
Love your work
I love your work. You can tell that you have put a lot of time and effort into this piece.
(Beau Honz, 12 October 2015)
Colors I like
What a simple painting. But it is very colorful as well which I like. You did a great job on it.
(Audrey R., 4 October 2015)
Passion, this painting is like a flash of passion. Very strong, powerful and exciting!

(Melanika, 27 November 2013)
Extraordinary fusion of rad and dark-blue, bright and beautiful.

(Mile, 19 November 2013)