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Oeuvre >> Yves Albert Mora >> apparence

Oeuvre >> Yves Albert Mora >> apparence

Yves Albert Mora
collage - 1 Cm x 1 Cm

850 €

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collages d'yves albert mora
To YVES ALBERT MORA Hi, My name is Christine MALGORN. I'm writing a short book about collages and particularly contemporary collage artists. As you are one of my favourite ones, I'd be very happy if you accepted to give me the photo (free of copyrights) of one of your collages so I could put it in my book. The book will appear on my author's blog (.../...
(Christine Malgorn, 18 janvier 2016)

Styles Oeuvres : Art Contemporain - Collage
Médias Oeuvres : Collage - Collages - Technique Mixte
Dimensions : 19 Cm Max - 80 - 89 Cm