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Oeuvre >> Harry Weisburd >> 3D rouge liste

Oeuvre >> Harry Weisburd >> 3D  rouge  liste

"3D rouge liste"
Harry Weisburd
aquarelle sur toile - 30 Cm x 30 Cm
3D TABLEAU RÉALISÉ TECHNIQUE TRADITIONNELLE . Devient trois dimensionnel avec claire lentille NEW TECHNOLOG LUNETTES . NO ROUGE OU VERT LENTILLES . NO ROUGE OU VERT chevauchement images . Classique peinture devient trois dimensionnel avec des lunettes . libérer élogieux verres avec ordre .

350 €

Print 25 €

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magnifiques tableaux
superbes tableaux, couleurs sublimes, bravo j'apprécie énormément.
(Nadine De Sausseron, 8 mars 2010)
very beautiful
i can imagine every story which you show in artwork! so nice!
(K. N., 7 November 2017)
real talent
great, emotional, passionate.... wow, just wow
(Harry J., 10 March 2017)
so nice gallery!
You have done a great job, your style is unique and recognizable, just woow!
(Bella K., 22 June 2016)
Figurative Art , Is It Still Viable ?

(Harry Weisburd, 12 May 2016)
so pasionate! i am in love with this paintings, all of them.....
(Lilly, 21 April 2016)
passion, beauty and lust, i like your style
(Bob J., 22 March 2016)
This is spectacular work. One of your finest.
(Angie, 11 March 2016)
Wow. Just wow. Great work!
(Emilee G., 1 March 2016)
Remarkable! Splendid. Fantastic! Love it.
(Rhino, 28 February 2016)
Hey all
Carson here. Hey all. Just wanted to stop by and say this is great work.
(Carson, 26 February 2016)
your artworks are great!
so openly and nice, i love your unique style!
(Melissa, 18 February 2016)
The Red Chair
The Red Chair is a really outstanding piece. I like what I have seen in it
(Tessa, 17 February 2016)