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Oeuvre >> Sven Wangemann >> lys

Oeuvre >> Sven Wangemann >> lys

Sven Wangemann
encre et crayons sur papier - 30 Cm x 21 Cm

150 €

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Drawing the Attention through Emotion!
Mr. Sven Wangemann has managed to draw the attention of portrait lovers through his art. He got the right kind of expertise in this art form. He is constantly producing the best quality in fine art because he is having the right skill and knowledge of the fine art. Pen and paper with thought seems to be very vital in his life and his thinking abili.../...
(Clide, 10 November 2010)


Styles Oeuvres : Figuratifs
Thèmes Oeuvres : Alégorie - Figuratifs - Légumes - Personnes
Oeuvres exposées le : Ajouté le 23 octobre 2010