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Oeuvre >> Nikolai Kraneis >> parasol

Oeuvre >> Nikolai Kraneis >> parasol

Nikolai Kraneis
huile sur panneau

250 €

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Your artwork
Hello Nikolai, I LOVE your paintings! Perhaps because it is similar to mine! (see attached image.) Your colors and loose style are what I love. Keep up the good work! If I save $$, perhaps I can buy one. I don't like to display my own work at home because I'm always finding things I want to change. I'm still trying to set up my portfolio and .../...
(Judith Marie Lynn, 12 October 2007)


Thèmes Oeuvres : Bateaux - Bâtiments - De Figures - Nature Morte - Plage - Paysage - Villes
Médias Oeuvres : Huile Sur Toile - Huile
Dimensions : 20 - 29 Cm