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Oeuvre >> Curry Gray >> bébé poupée

Oeuvre >> Curry Gray >> bébé poupée

"bébé poupée"
Curry Gray
Acrylique sur Masonite - 90 Cm x 120 Cm
Vendu lors vente aux enchères locale dans 1997 , Kingston , SUR , Canada .

675 €

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Hey Hey
Hey Curry, Long time no see. Your work is awesome, seriously, Keep up the great work! Hope to bump into you sometime in the near future; although, it my be difficult now that I'm in Toronto. Anyway, take care and I wish you and your wife the best. Joe
(Joe Pelow, 12 October 2007)
Fantastic Figurative Work!!

(Basil Riley, 13 September 2007)
It's been eons since we danced with the wolves...glad to see you're still doing what you do best.
remember me...Thailand and boot camp filled with the all the green one could imagine!!!!
(Karin Sidey, 2 June 2007)


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