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Oeuvre >> Escha Van Den Bogerd >> notte

Oeuvre >> Escha Van Den Bogerd >> notte

Escha Van Den Bogerd
acrylique sur toile - 140 Cm x 80 Cm

1500 €

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Luminoso Eisha Van Den Bogerd
C'est beau....L'athmosphère est communicative, poétique, invitante. Pourquoi les titres en italien?
(Karine Arnou, 3 decembre 2005)
Greetings from Moldova.
Hallo, I was impressed with your nice compositions and painting manner. You have really what to be proud of. I wish you every success. By the way in Sneek my personal expo took place in 2002 and later in Boxtel(together with a Dutch sculptor). Perhaps you would be interested to visit my website: www.buev.net Kind regards, Valeriu
(Valeriu, 21 May 2007)


Styles Oeuvres : Figuratif Contemporain
Thèmes Oeuvres : Nudité
Médias Oeuvres : Acriliques - Acrylique Sur Toile