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Oeuvre >> Nathan Brusovani (Bar) >> L image insaisissable

Oeuvre >> Nathan Brusovani (Bar) >> L image insaisissable

"L image insaisissable"
Nathan Brusovani (Bar)
Qualité d impression sur toile - 60 Cm x 70 Cm
C est une tentative pour capter quelque chose d intangible et de vagues qui se cache entre mouvement et immobilité .

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ArtsCad Art Critic
Trained in scientific photography at St. Petersburg University, Brusovani participated in a number of underground exhibitions in Russia. He became an artist under the influence of his brother, and was even able to publish an album by sneaking negatives to Israel. He eventually (in 1987) received permission to emigrate to Israel with his wife Hana a.../...
(ArtsCad Art Critic, 28 February 2006)


Dimensions : 60 - 69 Cm - 70 - 79 Cm