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Voici les Oeuvres de média Huile et contenant le mot marja, liisa iivonen, huile, symbolisme, fantaisie

Marja-Liisa Iivonen - Bungy JumpBungy JumpMarja-Liisa Iivonen

I was considering bungy jumping when feeling down. One has to have guts to try that dangerous sport.

Marja-Liisa Iivonen - Snow in JuneSnow in JuneMarja-Liisa Iivonen

Where is the nature gone? Green grass and brownish leaves from year before where silently rustling in the snow.

Marja-Liisa Iivonen - Fruit TreeFruit TreeMarja-Liisa Iivonen

Takes up the topic: Generation Gap. Youthful jolly. Two kids pinching cherries from neighbor's garden. An exciting adventure in the twilight zone. Catch us if you can!

Marja-Liisa Iivonen - Eternal ReturnalEternal ReturnalMarja-Liisa Iivonen

My Nature Spot - A place, where I'll always come back to, to be alone and gather strength for the new challenges of life. I was just wondering if I'd be going back there (long after I'm gone...) forever.

Marja-Liisa Iivonen - Bird BalanceBird BalanceMarja-Liisa Iivonen

Ever seen a bird losing its balance? Well, I did wonder that if it was possible before one day I saw it happen. It was a stormy late summer day when the wind got somehow hold of a young magpie. It crash-landed into the middle of the road awkwardly propelling its inside out turned wings, stepped bris...

Marja-Liisa Iivonen - pays de cactuspays de cactusMarja-Liisa Iivonen

Autour d'un artist's anéantissement sur l'injustice dans le art entreprises . Fonctionnement à sec de lancement douce , nouvelles idées dans le désert abords . Activité , s'il vous plaît avant le vieux boy réseau prend le relais . Croire moi , le source ne sera jamais sécher !

Marja-Liisa Iivonen - messagermessagerMarja-Liisa Iivonen

Jétais retour afin Rorschach's inkblot motifs quand trouver de nouvelles idées .