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Galerie Vani Ghougassian - Oeuvres de Vani Ghougassian

Galerie Vani Ghougassian - Oeuvres de Vani Ghougassian

Vani Ghougassian
Vani Ghougassian
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Ajouté le 2 novembre 2020
Ajouté le 13 juillet 2007
Ajouté le 7 mars 2007
Ajouté le 15 fevrier 2007
Ajouté le 30 mars 2005
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Ajouté le 30 septembre 2004
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Ajouté le 30 septembre 2003
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homme dedans caverne

vieil homme avec a bâton

Julia 2

homme dedans caverne

verre souillé panneau


démoli bordel à beyrouth


ma dame Sara

le la reine de en Jordanie

A fleur tirées Le Liban


a femme rêve

Sara's ardeur

vieil homme avec a bâton

bâtiment démoli

tribu de femmes


House in Tucson 02

Still life 02


Sara1001 nuits

Portrait d'individu au sein de jibran

parler d'hommes

  - I organized several art exhibitions for young artists in Beirut, Lebanon in 1993. I have also participated in art exhibitions in Europe and the Middle East. Some of my watercolor individual and collective exhibitions where held at: -Gazir festival, G...
[Biography - Vani Ghougassian - 2Ko - 2005]

  - Artist Statement My thirst for Art is a silent battle of survival which started as a childhood curiosity, and quickly grew into my passion. I am alway eager to find creative ways to express my emotions and I do so through design, watercolors and orna...
[Biography - Vani Ghougassian - 2Ko - 2005]

  - I will participate at the collective Art exhibition held by the Tucson Arts District on Saturday the 25th of October 2003 at the downtown area. My participation will include one entry only for October, as an introduction and will follow with more at ...
[Announcement - Vani Ghougassian - 2Ko - 2003]

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je trouve toutes tes peintures tres belles == kylie_864@hotmail.com
je trouve toutes tes peintures tres belles == kylie_864@hotmail.com
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