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Galerie Uwe Holstein - Oeuvres de Uwe Holstein

Galerie Uwe Holstein - Oeuvres de Uwe Holstein

Uwe Holstein
Uwe Holstein
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Ajouté le 5 novembre 2017
Ajouté le 8 decembre 2016
Ajouté le 7 avril 2012
Ajouté le 4 avril 2012
Ajouté le 3 novembre 2010
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Citroën 2 CV


port des hamburg elbphilharmonie dessin de le artist's livre

rambo zambo trémie de l animal fantastique image livre

plaisir lapin de l animal fantastique image facebook

Sailor's mer ​​cucumber

Turbo-tailed corbeau de l animaux photo facebook par uwe holstein

recherche dans le paradis

soleil au paradis


assassiner dans Paradis

la grosse poisson

Le poisson contre la carlin

clignote dans la nuit

attaque de ième poisson

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  - New artist's books by Uwe Holsten Uwe Holstein - Fantastic Animal Picture Book Satirical description of nonexistent species in pictures and drawings by Uwe Holstein. Three authentic testimonials on the subject of fantastic animal phenomena. 30. publication of the Elke Rehder Presse, 2011. Format: 30,5 x 21,5 cm. 143 pages with 32 fullpage colour pi...
[Announcement - Uwe Holstein - 3Ko - 2012]

  - Neue Küntlerbücher von Uwe Holstein Uwe Holstein - Phantastisches Tierbilderbuch Satirische Beschreibung nicht existenter Arten in Bildern und Zeichnungen von Uwe Holstein. Drei authentische Erfahrungsberichte zum Thema phantastische Tiererscheinungen. Format: 30,5 x 21,5 cm. 143 Seiten mit 32 ganzseitigen Farbbildern sowie zahlreichen Illustration...
[Announcement - Uwe Holstein - 3Ko - 2012]

  - Uwe Holstein is a visual artist, born in Hamburg. Until 1990 Holstein painted mainly in oil on canvas and made several drawings on black paper. After 1990 he focuses in acrylic on cardboard and hardboard. His style is sometimes abstract and sometimes figurative, surreal compositions in expressionistic colors. His subjects are people and society. To...
[Biography - Uwe Holstein - 2Ko - 2012]