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Galerie Sean Durham - Oeuvres de Sean Durham

Galerie Sean Durham - Oeuvres de Sean Durham

Sean Durham
Sean Durham
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Ajouté le 1 janvier 2018
Ajouté le 13 decembre 2010
Ajouté le 5 decembre 2010
Ajouté le 23 octobre 2009
Ajouté le 15 aout 2009
Ajouté le 28 juillet 2009
Ajouté le 11 janvier 2007
Ajouté le 21 aout 2005
Ajouté le 13 decembre 2004
Ajouté le 24 aout 2004
Ajouté le 23 juin 2004
Ajouté le 6 juin 2004
Ajouté le 27 mai 2004
Ajouté le 23 mai 2004
Ajouté le 18 mai 2004
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base-ball joueur 2018

Deborah 2018

"Los dos finos "


los borrachos

E l espacio del gato

homme dedans une galerie

trois chiffres

sauvage au cordial

Les femmes Pit Bull

Nature Morte

Taureau mourir

"Lovers "

'Ian T.'

edith sitwell

étudier pour un portrait - composition

"Ian sur le balcon "

fermé les yeux

Poire et Leaf

garçon et jouet

  - Sean Durham lives and works in Spain. The work you see here is just an example of some of the paintings and drawings that he is doing -always more to come. The artist exhibits around Europe whenever possible.Recently in Barcelona,Seville and Berlin. You can also visit the website http://www.madridpig.com for to read articles from Sean Durham and se...
[Biography - Sean Durham - 1Ko - 2014]

  - Artists Statement Sean Durham's Page
January 2012 Madrid, Spain. Sean Durham's paintings reflect world around him. The way he sees the world and experiences it. Often people comment that he paints sad people, crazy people or strange broken people in his works. This is often the human condition reflected in an honest way and not sentimentalised through the influence of movements in Art...
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  - About Sean Durham an introduction Sean Durham's Page
Painting and drawing is an excellent medium to express one's opinion about the world around him. Read on and then look at some of my paintings in the gallery section to get an idea of my work. Sean Durham , Madrid, Spain. I was born in Church Crookham, Fleet, England in 1960 I began to draw and paint very early in life - I saw it as a way to show m...
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  - New work in Progress Sean Durham's Page
Using the images and stories of Mythology for my paintings can be a challenging yet fruitful experience.I've started working on paintings of modern scenes that allow me to use the characters of Baachus, Hercules and Juno amongst others. I've started new work in the gallery. Continuing with my themes of people in cities and towns and how they "fit" ...
[Page - Sean Durham - 2Ko - 2010]

  - Working with Themes and Subjects as a painter
When people meet an artist they often think of some strange sterio typed person who's mind works like a cat - full of curiosty about the World around them and always wanting to paint everything they see. To a certain extent this is true. Being inquis...
[Page - Sean Durham - 4Ko - 2009]

  - Three figures
This painting was a real battle! That's how every painting should be though. If a painter doesn't get caught up in the battle to 'get right' , then his work won't reflect any of his real emotions. I wanted to paint something quiet and reflective. To ...
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