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Galerie Mike Ebrahimi - Oeuvres de Mike Ebrahimi

Galerie Mike Ebrahimi - Oeuvres de Mike Ebrahimi

Mike Ebrahimi
Mike Ebrahimi
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Ajouté le 2 janvier 2010
Ajouté le 2 septembre 2008
Ajouté le 8 avril 2007
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art de séduction

"Heaven's Porte "

indien été

"Reassurance "

la avenir

"Necessity "

"Perfect Imperfection Réflexion "

mur rue

"Einstein "

"Humanity "

"Instinct "

le rouge mer

du désert voyage

rompu Rêves

"Confinement "

"Individuality "

"Lies "

perdue nuit

doux Rêves

"Enchantment "

jeudi nuit

caractère contre Nourrir

  - Mike Ebrahimi picked up his first paintbrush at the age of thirteen. Beginning with simple realistic art pieces, Mike quickly developed the thirst for innovative styles and techniques. Constantly experimenting with new textures and mediums, Mike real...
[Biography - Mike Ebrahimi - 2Ko - 2007]

  - Mike Ebrahimi received the award for Artistic Excellence from the Las Vegas Music Conference. He is now the exclusive artist for the conference.
[Biography - Mike Ebrahimi - 1Ko - 2007]

  - This piece was recently exhibited at the San Diego Art Institute Museum in Balboa Pak, San Diego.
[Biography - Mike Ebrahimi - 1Ko - 2007]