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Galerie Lynette Slape - Oeuvres de Lynette Slape

Galerie Lynette Slape - Oeuvres de Lynette Slape

Lynette Slape
Lynette Slape
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Ajouté le 10 mars 2010
Ajouté le 1 octobre 2008
Ajouté le 4 septembre 2006
Ajouté le 2 septembre 2006
Ajouté le 1 septembre 2006
Ajouté le 31 aout 2006
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Portrait de profil

rouge figure sculpture

celeste portrait


tom et katie croisière

Portrait d une célébrité Katharine McPhee

nu masculin


assis nu féminin

femelle portrait

Femme portrait nu

Femme portrait nu

Femme portrait nu

Femme de sculpture inclinables

femelle portrait

Cheval et Cowboy

Assis Nu

Portrait Homme

figure nue dans l'eau

colonne brisée

silhouette de nu

assis nu féminin

inclinable nu féminin

  - The Passion of Making Art
I always wondered what makes figure sculpture so addictive perhaps it is the feeling of accopmplishent, or the beauty of the body. I no one thing figure sculpture allows me to forget about whatever is going on in my life for a few hours. I no certain...
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  - I have been a student at Lane Community College for a few years now in Eugene, Oregon following my interest in sculpture, painting, and drawing. I find figure sculpture very fascinating I love everything about the art. The first time I took figure sc...
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