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Galerie Ginger Barritt - Oeuvres de Ginger Barritt

Galerie Ginger Barritt - Oeuvres de Ginger Barritt

Ginger Barritt
Ginger Barritt
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Ajouté le 20 mai 2011
Ajouté le 19 mai 2011
Ajouté le 18 mai 2011
Ajouté le 19 decembre 2010
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dehors se tenir dans leur champ

automne lac

oiseau rouge dans le blanc

grange rouge dans la neige

rose ressort

noir chiot

cassé pilier

Red Barn

antique et jeunes

Gris Grange et Clôture



  - Ginger is a photographer who is happily creating and selling from her home in Saltillo, Mississippi. More from Ginger can be found on Fine Art America, and RedBubble....Gifts and cards of all types can be found on her Zazzle site.
[Biography - Ginger Barritt - 1Ko - 2011]

  - Hi! I'm Ginger Barritt and like Grandma Moses, I'm getting a late start! My passion is photography, it's what I should have been doing all my life....I've got to go...I have a LOT of catching up to do....Oh, and buy all you like, I can make more!
[Biography - Ginger Barritt - 1Ko - 2010]