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Galerie Dorothy Siclare - Oeuvres de Dorothy Siclare

Galerie Dorothy Siclare - Oeuvres de Dorothy Siclare

Dorothy Siclare
Dorothy Siclare
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Ajouté le 7 janvier 2016
Ajouté le 2 mai 2012
Ajouté le 1 mai 2012
Ajouté le 10 fevrier 2011
Ajouté le 9 fevrier 2011
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Heure d été

Papa d amour


enfants à jeu

Boy at Play



Cueillette Pumpkins

Jolie Pose


partie animal iii

partie animal ii

partie animal

vin et fromage

cin cin

pivoine avec le vert pomme

Bleu Pitcher

fleurs et fruits

  - Biography I'm a self taught artist, known for creating realistic paintings with a focus on figurative and portrait work. Like so many other artists I remember drawing at the age of three or four. Throughout my working years I kept a hand in the artistic process, creating small paintings, crafting dollhouses and sculpting dolls. When I retired I tur...
[Biography - Dorothy Siclare - 7Ko - 2016]

  - Dorothy Siclare Artist CV Awards 2015 - First Place Award, Millburn-Short Hills Art Center, Bernardsville, NJ, for oil painting "Evening" 2015 - First Place Award, Contemporary Center of Art, Bedminister, NJ, for oil painating "Evening" 2015 - First Place Award, Contemporary Art Group, Watchung, NJ, for oil painting "Evening" 2014 - Award of Merit,...
[Biography - Dorothy Siclare - 6Ko - 2016]

  - I paint to share the unexpected beauty I see in people, places, and objects. I am passionate about my subjects and believe that a touch of my own spirit is reflected in my work. My hope is to seduce you with sensual compositions that evoke strong feelings in you. Accurate drawing skills, sound painting techniques, and strong compositions are the fo...
[Biography - Dorothy Siclare - 3Ko - 2012]

  - I am a representational artist working primarily in oils. I have loved creating for as long as I can remember, probably at 3 or 4 years old. Dabbled in my youth and painted more off than on until 6 years ago. At that time in my life...time and space opened up for me and I got into my calling in earnest. 2 years into painting and I won my first Awar...
[Biography - Dorothy Siclare - 3Ko - 2011]