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Galerie Charles Griffith - Oeuvres de Charles Griffith

Galerie Charles Griffith - Oeuvres de Charles Griffith

Charles Griffith
Charles Griffith
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Ajouté le 9 juillet 2008
Ajouté le 8 juillet 2008
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La Chute d Icare

le temple de Apollon

E l Dorado

le révélation

les revels de Printanière

le triomphe de Mars

Une Winter's Journée

le étrange soeurs


parce que il y avait rien pour lui

près de jardin de le dieux , Colorado


  - How The Artist Lives On Through His Work
'The artist, and by that I mean the writer, the poet and the composer as well, comes closer than anyone to achieving a form of immortality through his work. You don't think of Thomas Edison every time you turn on an electric light, nor does Benjamin ...
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  - Charles Griffith's interest in art began in childhood, and was encouraged by his family. Later, while serving in the U.S. military in Europe, he was inspired by seeing firsthand some of the treasures of European art. Today his art focuses on traditio...
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