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Galerie Artist Musina Julia - Oeuvres de Artist Musina Julia

Galerie Artist Musina Julia - Oeuvres de Artist Musina Julia

  - Жизнь и мечты..... Художник Мусина Юлия Life and dreams..... Musina Julia's Artist http://juliamusina.blogspot.com/ Мой первый диплом. My first diploma. Моя первая медаль. My first medal. Газета: "Приамурские ведомости." Newspaper: "Priamursky Bulletin." http://archive.priamurka.ru/node/8200 Журнал - "Главный город." Magazine - "the Chief of the ci...
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  - Artist Musina Julia Страница Artist Musina Julia
Художник Мусина Юлия Великолепные, непосредственные, живые картины художника - настоящая жизнь!!! Magnificent, direct, tableau vivant of the artist - the real life
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  - Musinа Julia Sergeevna 1975 year of birth on June, 3rd Was born and lives in the city of Khabarovsk genre:landscape, a still-life Style: impressionism, Post - impressionism Material: a canvas, oil, a cardboard Writes a palette knife. Seriously was engaged in painting in 33 years. Admires many artists. In the letter by oil it was trained and trained...
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