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Galerie Amanda Tomasoa - Oeuvres de Amanda Tomasoa

Galerie Amanda Tomasoa - Oeuvres de Amanda Tomasoa

Amanda Tomasoa
Amanda Tomasoa
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Ajouté le 9 octobre 2011
Ajouté le 23 juin 2007
Ajouté le 10 mai 2007
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Bleu Fantaisie n °: 2

oiseaux œil vue

Voyage à dos de chameau

Sistas Aider Sistas

La force d une femme

Ariki Étoile de mer

White Girl avec panier

détour 2

Bénédiction Rouge

Exploration maximum

L amour à Rome

pacifique Princesse vendus

détour 3

Gain Capital

  - Amanda Tomasoa started her art career while living in Indonesia. After gving up her job as a language teacher to stay home with her then 4 year old son, Amanda decided to try a hand at creating art. She started selling works to friends, companies nee...
[Biography - Amanda Tomasoa - 3Ko - 2007]

  - Born in warm sunny Malaysia,Amanda Tomasoa's artistic career began in 1995 in Indonesia. she had a successful few years but unfortunately due to the political and economic upheavel in 1998, her family and her had to leave for safety in their new home...
[Biography - Amanda Tomasoa - 3Ko - 2007]