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Galerie Robin Zilberg - Oeuvres de Robin Zilberg

Galerie Robin Zilberg - Oeuvres de Robin Zilberg


L oeil de la tempête
d un rêve
Britmila vendu
De baisers , pour you-SOLD
à travers mes yeux, voir
doorways- VENDUS
Inspiré Hanoukka-VENDU
père-fils VENDU
le mur
a étoile parmi nous
mandala paroi
tunnel chemin
observation marée
fées danse
dame dedans rue
scène côte Est
rebbe schneerson
231 portes
dans les bois
route moins voyageait
enchanté vue
gratuite à la danse
longtemps il y a
Sans nom
pour l amour du ventre
par le mon yeux
auto bio collage fait par ma mère gail nagley
Apporter de la Reine-point Chabbat vendu
tribal fressentir
sirène crique
pierre corneille oiseau
Lady plumes

  - Some exciting news, with an upcoming art show at the Dundas Valley School of Art as a featured artist driven by a wonderful ooportunity as a fundraiser for Kehila Jewish Day school in Hamilton Ontario, being held on May 15, 2014
[Announcement - Robin Zilberg - 2Ko - 2014]

  - I am thrilled to announce an upcoming show of my art along side with the opening of the Jewish Film Festival in Hamilton Ontario on December the 5 and 6th 2009 at the Westside Concert Theater on King Street.
[Announcement - Robin Zilberg - 1Ko - 2009]

  - I am happy to announce that my mother, a great artist and I will be working on a combined presentation of our works for public viewing - date to be announced in the near future, thank you
[Announcement - Robin Zilberg - 1Ko - 2009]

  - Art From My Heart
Through my eyes is the window to a dream reality, life is ..wonderful how each of us can fill in the blanks and create the life we choose. Creating has touched my heart for as long as I can remember. I find my Neshama soaring as I start off with blan...
[Page - Robin Zilberg - 2Ko - 2007]

Robin Zilberg

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