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Galerie Maximin Lida - Oeuvres de Maximin Lida

Galerie Maximin Lida - Oeuvres de Maximin Lida

  - No matter what you do in your life and at work, you should always do the best and most beautiful things you can. Most will say that you do not have to be so meticulous or need to do as much as you do -just the minimum. Well, I think that any task you accomplish should be as aesthetic as possible beauty cannot hurt, but remember that doing somethin...
[Biography - Maximin Lida - 2Ko - 2011]

  - Maximin Lida over the years has been inspired by great American, French, German, and many other visionary Artists including painters with the sophistication and finesse of VERMEER, the skill of VICTOR VASARELY, MAX ERNST, the innovation, artistry and...
[Announcement - Maximin Lida - 3Ko - 2007]

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