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Oeuvre >> Dodet Bern >> Immersion02

Oeuvre >> Dodet Bern >> Immersion02

Dodet Bern
Huile Sur Toile - 65 Cm x 81 Cm

Poster 45 €

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Mario likes
Hey I just wanted to let you know that I really like this piece. Looks wonderful.
(Mario, 27 January 2016)
Serene and peaceful
Such peaceful and serene work. Very nice.
(Abbie M., 27 January 2016)
This is so peaceful. Makes me want to go to the beach.
(Brett, 24 January 2016)
Makes me want to go ride a wave. Awesome.
(Hudson, 22 December 2015)
Beach ready
Beach ready with this piece of fine art. I want summer!!!!
(Amy A, 13 December 2015)
Good work. I am proud of what you have done here.
(Charlie, 17 November 2015)


Dodet Bern

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