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Oeuvre >> Jacques Donneaud >> RAGTIME

Oeuvre >> Jacques Donneaud >> RAGTIME

Jacques Donneaud
Techniques mixtes sur toile - 65 Cm x 50 Cm

500 €

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Vos peintures sont belles
J'ai vraiment apprécié votre créativité. Votre image "Paris Saxo" très fascinant. Elle est très romantique et inhabituel.
( Olivia, 1 juin 2016)
Positive vote )
Creativity of a high level! You have great style and elements of avant-garde !!
(Lilo Paramiul, 23 March 2016)
Very nice piece
This is a very nice piece. Glad I saw it.
(Vicki, 5 February 2016)
Hello this is great work for sure. Very nice
(Amy A, 5 February 2016)
Nice work here. A+ for sure.
(Brian, 2 February 2016)
Hey this is an exceptional piece. I like what you have done with it.
(Amber, 31 January 2016)
Super job
Super job on this. Excellent work.
(Elaina, 31 January 2016)
Excellent piece
This is an excellent piece. I can tell that you have put a lot of work into this.
(Ash, 29 November 2015)
Loving it
I am loving this work. Very nice!
(Mr. Abel, 24 October 2015)
Creativity ahead
Creativity ahead. This artist knows how to work very well!!!!!
(Blenda, 20 October 2015)
This is a great piece. I can tell that you are a truly dedicated artist.
(Abigail Wheliton, 18 October 2015)
Great job on this. I find that you are very talented.
(Echo, 27 September 2015)