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I Am Artist Eva Elizarova Kudukhashvili My painting is a miracle and I have called this miracle GOSMIC EKSPRESS . in my paintings you can find life compositions, what I see and feel, each painting has its owns history. great energy, beauty, air, wetness, colour brightness, movement, sounds,pureness of mastekhin, mixing colours. my former painters d Evakudukhashvili Elizarova
3 decembre 2015

  I have created my own movement in art, that is called Cosmo Expressionism. It is my painting created by pure colours by one breath and quick strokes. I myself make grout for carton or Canvas . I have had a lot of exhibitions where I have sold a lot of  paintings.  When my teacher Edmond Kalandadze saw my exhibition catalogue he said “ 
 “ if you lived in a normal country your one painting would be sold in million dollars prices”
I am sure that this time will come soon.

Styles Oeuvres : Expressionnisme

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