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Conceptual Photography 2011 “People and the city and not only ...”

Conceptual Photography 2011. “People and the city and not only ...”. Photo by project artist, photographer, Alik Vetrof, art curatorial. Creative association "ASA ART randevu"... Art Gallery On Koblevskoy
27 mars 2012

Conceptual Photography 2011

“People and the city and not only ...”

Photo by project artist, photographer, Alik Vetrof, art curatorial

Creative association "ASA ART randevu"

Artist and photographer Alik Vetrof, worked on the project for five years, from 2007 to 2011 the project produced a limited edition of prints of each photo in only two instances:

"While working on an abstract, conceptual photo project discovery and inspiration was opposed to the perception of realism and abstraction.

With each shot, with bated breath, trying to capture the actual explosion of color and texture, a fleeting moment of an event, a combination of places, events, and shot. And in most cases, capturing a frame, I did manage to create a conceptual photographic works that look more like paintings or graphic art, than photographic images. I try to take my picture with a new artistic level, which could result in a new measurement and evaluation of conceptual photography.

Conceptual art should be unique and very limited access or rare. That is why only two copies of one photo.

Life should always be an experiment and filled with wonders, travel, and travel must be with passion and a smile on his lips. And so every day ... always ... enjoy the ride, wherever you are!

I hope that my images will help bring some excitement and passion for life in your hearts and in your family, home or office. Buy ... ... hang on a wall, sit back, deep and comfortable chair, sipping a cold drink and let my art and your fantasy match! "

Conceptual artist Alex Vetrof embodied art project "People and the city and not only ...", a kind of authorial style, artistic abstraction became the basis on which were strung the pictures, like a pearl on a silk thread.

The project "People and the City and not only ..." was launched in 2007. a series of photographs "Orthodox churches in Odessa," a continuation of the series were "The Dance of 2008-2009." Expressive style typical of the author's style photographs of the artist Alex Vetrof, a vivid example of the work "of Punjab. Do not open yourself to the world."

Continuation of the conceptual design of the author's photographs is a series of works, made in December, January, 2008 - 2009's "And again, where the winter is." The series includes over 40 photos.

Once again the author returns to the project in September - November 2009. cycle of work "Portraits". Provocative style of work reveals the inner face of portrait photography sites. Part of conceptual photographic works were exhibited in 2010, the individual projects in the State Tretyakov Gallery, on the Crimean shaft (Russia), photo work "Assya-Assya" re-formatted from a single painting project.

Conceptual artist Vetrof performs photographic work in the property, only the author's style to it:

"The concept of the photo project: photos of principle did not respond to treatment in a graphics program, all the photographs - a snapshot made with breath-holding. I try to give viewers a brief moment and the sensations that he experienced in fleeting moments the camera flash."

Conceptual abstraction in photography - a continuation of the concept of Alika Vetrof as a conceptual artist who professes the principles of abstract and impressionistic work and perception of contemporary art.

The main purpose of the photographic art project - investigate images in motion:

"My objects - people, their feelings and inner peace that I seek to convey in pictures. My purpose - the soul and the human experience, its internal state. Stilled moment of provocation and the viewer to the fact that he has plunged into an imaginary sphere of abstraction that accompanies the conceptual photographic experiments, and therefore to participate actively in spiritualism reasoned, in light of the contrast realistic and abstract pictures.

Although some of the images reveal the entire cast plastic movements, most of the photos is devoted to theatrical performances, and all the images from start to finish as a straight shot made with a breathless ".

The author describes a project with these words, "Art Direction".

All images are printed on photographic paper and pasted on a plastic base 5mm, signed and numbered by the author. Photo size 100x65 see Will produce a printed catalog of works.

In general, the photo project 300 photos.



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