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Stephen Mead, Writer

In addition to being an artist, Stephen Mead's writing has been extensively published. Enclosed is a sample. Stephen Mead
27 octobre 2005

Stealing Angels

This washcloth is a bunched flower

Of cotton turning to silk by the dipping

Under the silver faucet.

Folds of forgotten robes, Turin shrouds

All, forms its blossoms, wet petal by


Rain water holy in a basin of glass…

Music wells, the songs of souls, names

In our systems, a universe on-call…..

I can’t remember all of them, angel

Thief in my wordy religion, but

The scripture’s

Leaves, page after page, pours the faces

From paint-----

So many bathed

Bodies, such consoling love, simple

In this kingdom of sighing skin, these

Cathedral cell vessels.

In the end bells & candles give permission

& there is not at all any theft-----

Angels of memory, known, unknown,

Heaven hinting, roomfuls of views

Through you & through you…

This cloth is the touch of all of that:

Behold the held.

Stephen Mead

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