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Oeuvre >> Valentinas Yla >> Nida

Oeuvre >> Valentinas Yla >> Nida

Valentinas Yla
huile sur toile - 70 Cm x 50 Cm

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I just entered the main page of the site, and BAM - find this masterpiece! your style is super, you are so nice!!
(Tifa, 14 September 2017)
very unusual, i like it!
(Oxx, 25 May 2017)
sunny gallery!
love your art, my dear... beauty
(Alpha LB, 22 April 2017)
i like your artworks so soo much, go on!
(Alison R., 13 September 2016)
ma préférée de toutes vraiment)))) un grand bravo a vous))) j'admire vos toiles elles sont splendides!!!
(Nicolas, 9 June 2016)
Excellent work!
I feel on myself splashing waves and breeze looking at your painting! Incredible atmosphere is all around me! Thank you so much for your art!
(Stefany, 22 March 2016)
Sensational work. You my friend are very talented.
(Stella, 3 March 2016)
You did an excellent job on this. I love how great it looks. So peaceful and calming.
(Star, 24 September 2015)


Valentinas Yla

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Styles Oeuvres : Réalisme - Réaliste
Thèmes Oeuvres : Mer - Nature Morte - Paysage Marin - Paysage
Médias Oeuvres : Huile Sur Toile