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Oeuvre >> Neko 92 Vl >> "Why monster ?" (première peinture de la série)

Oeuvre >> Neko 92 Vl >>

""Why monster ?" (première peinture de la série)"
Neko 92 Vl
acrylique et feutre
Peinture sur brique calcaire.
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Grand! I love it. Wanted to tell you great work.
(Libby, 6 March 2016)
Too cute
Too cute. Literally too cute for me!
(Amber, 25 February 2016)
Where did you get this idea? Never seen anything like it before.
(Henry, 14 February 2016)
Star Wars!!!!!
Yes Star Wars! Excellent piece. Who does not love Star Wars?
(Jeff S., 23 January 2016)
Why Monster
Why Monster is a nice piece. You are very talented.
(Tiffany, 22 December 2015)
Niko's work
Your work is a demonstration of mastery and great aesthetic vision. I would like paiting your digital works in oil on canvas. Although we live at a considerable distance, maybe, we could work as a team. I look forward hearing from you. Sincerely, Fidel Micó. Artist
(Fidel Micó, 3 December 2013)
Why exactly zebra man? What is he doing on the street?

(Moody, 22 November 2013)


Dimensions : 30 - 39 Cm