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Oeuvre >> Kim Young-Mi >> la lumière

Oeuvre >> Kim Young-Mi >> la lumière

"la lumière"
Kim Young-Mi
SUPPORTS MIXTES - 130 Cm x 162 Cm
créé dedans 2009

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Enhancing Life through this Painting Style!
Mrs. Kim Young Mi is offering the best and perfect paintings for people so that everyone can get the paintings of their desire. She can make the paint in perfect style while inserting people’s emotion. She has expertise in the visual art. From my point of view the paintings from Mrs. Kim Young Mi are elegantly managed to get the right things in sui.../...
(Charles mirkovic, 10 January 2011)


Styles Oeuvres : Expressionnisme Abstrait
Thèmes Oeuvres : Abstrait - Abstraites - Expressionnisme
Médias Oeuvres : Abstrait - Abstraites