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Oeuvre >> Lucy Arnold >> Amazon Insectes

Oeuvre >> Lucy Arnold >> Amazon Insectes

"Amazon Insectes"
Lucy Arnold
impression numérique de aquarelle peinture - 61 Cm x 61 Cm
Cette peinture été inspiré par un naturel l'histoire je voyage prendre à cœur ces de l Amazone De la jungle dernièrement .

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I hope my previous message was received. Please let me know. It conecerned my wanting to find your needlepoint designs and how much I appreciate your work.
(patricia logan, 8 March 2012)
designs by lucy and your wok
What beautiful work. Thank you for creating them. I moved from Maryland two years ago without ever seeing your work at the National Institutes of Health. You can be certain that when I return to visit my son I will make a point of visiting your art pieces as well. Also, I enjoy needlepoint. Can I still find your designs?
(Patricia Logan, 8 March 2012)


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