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Galerie Zammerly Zamudio - Oeuvres de Zammerly Zamudio

Galerie Zammerly Zamudio - Oeuvres de Zammerly Zamudio

Zammerly Zamudio
Zammerly Zamudio
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Ajouté le 10 janvier 2008
Ajouté le 6 mars 2006
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Zammerly , puissance de phoenix

Zammerly , le cadeau Série 6 ( Zammerly TGS6 )

Zammerly TGS5

Zammerly TGS4

Zammerly TGS3

Zammerly TGS2

Zammerly Jumeau Fflamme

Zammerly TGS1

  - About Me http://ww.mixedmedia-art.com About me I am a Filipina of mixed ancestry, have been residing in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and have just been back to the Philippines. I am an artist at heart - a poet, singer and painter. In 1993, I recorded ...
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  - Zammerly: Exposed, A One Woman Painting Exhibition at the Triumph Gallery Abstract artist Ms. Zammerly Zamudio will hold a one-woman- painting exhibition titled, Zammerly: Exposed, at the Triumph Gallery starting on February 17 until March 3, 2006. T...
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