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Galerie Rajiv Bhamoo - Oeuvres de Rajiv Bhamoo

Galerie Rajiv Bhamoo - Oeuvres de Rajiv Bhamoo

Rajiv Bhamoo
Rajiv Bhamoo

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Fine art by Rajiv Bhamoo Oeuvres de Rajiv Bhamoo Rajiv Bhamoo Rajiv Bhamoo Rajiv Bhamoo Rajiv Bhamoo Rajiv Bhamoo Rajiv Bhamoo Rajiv Bhamoo

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Ajouté le 27 novembre 2012
Ajouté le 21 juin 2009
Ajouté le 28 decembre 2008
Ajouté le 20 mai 2008
Ajouté le 10 avril 2008
Ajouté le 2 mars 2008
Ajouté le 19 fevrier 2008
Ajouté le 18 fevrier 2008
Ajouté le 14 fevrier 2008
Ajouté le 12 fevrier 2008
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  - Profile Featured Rajiv Bhamoo's Page
My profile is featured on bestemerginnarists website. May 30th, 2010 - Dallas, TX I was contacted by Cathy Jourdan, the famous author of Admission of Guilt and dedicated to finding new artists. "Hi Rajiv Okay you are up on www.bestemergingartists.com I selected two painting to feature and will keep your info to feature more of you in about a month....
[Page - Rajiv Bhamoo - 2Ko - 2010]

  - Background: Inspired by family of arts teachers, I started on the route for painting at childhood. I won some school competitions. As a kid, I saw father do fabric paintings but I liked oils and acrylics that allow eye catching expressions, though I ...
[Biography - Rajiv Bhamoo - 4Ko - 2008]

  - Dear Viewers, I wanted to challenge myself by particiapting at an internaitonal level. BECA Art Gallery is organizing such a once in lifetime online event for worldwide competition and I have submitted some of my works in it. The decision of top rank...
[Announcement - Rajiv Bhamoo - 5Ko - 2008]

  - INVITATION FROM CHELSEA BASED ART GALLERY All, I am very pleased to announce that I have been invited by another New York based art gallery and a Singapore based gallery for representation. I am putting in a few words from the Gallery Director for yo...
[Announcement - Rajiv Bhamoo - 2Ko - 2008]

  - Hi everyone, Today, when I opened Bullitien from ArtsCAD, I was happy to note that my artwork KRSHNA was put on the front page of the website. I am very thankful to the team and the vistiors I have got. Please do visit my page and leave your comments...
[Announcement - Rajiv Bhamoo - 1Ko - 2008]