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Galerie Lorange - Oeuvres de Lorange

Galerie Lorange - Oeuvres de Lorange


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Fine art by Lorange Oeuvres de Lorange Lorange Lorange Lorange Lorange Lorange Lorange Lorange

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Ajouté le 24 decembre 2010
Ajouté le 18 juin 2010
Ajouté le 31 mai 2010
Ajouté le 30 mai 2010
Ajouté le 1 septembre 2005
Ajouté le 23 janvier 2004
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Christmas Eve

Christ Risen

Mary Apparition

St Catherine Laboure

Stairway from Heaven

Saint Patrick painting by LorAnge

Angel on gargoyles

Way to Heaven

Our Lady of Grace (Virgin Mary)

Mother Mary and Jesus

The Prophet

Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ

Midnigt visitors

Carousel Dreams

  - LorAnge Painted Diary of a Dreamer I have been painting since 1972 thus for forthy years and dreaming for as long as I can remember. I paint like the poet writes, with a romantic heart and a curious mind so my visions have universal appeal. My work has been symbolic since the very beginning. I have built a reputation as a fantasy artist because ang...
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