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Galerie Laurence Koenig - Oeuvres de Laurence Koenig

Galerie Laurence Koenig - Oeuvres de Laurence Koenig

Je recherche un/une jeune attachée de presse "multicarte" pour promouvoir mes peintures. Vous pouvez me contacter sur koeniglaurence@outlook.fr. Merci.
[Announcement - Laurence Koenig - 1Ko - 2018]

ANNECY vieille ville

samedi 29 septembre de 8h à 16h

exposition le long du canal

[Announcement - Laurence Koenig - 1Ko - 2007]

  - Expo Annecy.JPG Born in 1962, in Lyon, France, I lived for while in New York and set down in Geneva, Switzerland since then. Once I'm less involved in other things, I'll focus on my hobby
[Biography - Laurence Koenig - 1Ko - 2018]

  - Self trained, I am mostly preoccupied by the interaction of colors. I don't go often for exhibitions. My pleasure is to paint on my own at home, on week-ends or in the evenings. I should develop the commercial side of this activity since my paintings are numerous now but only few people see them.
[Biography - Laurence Koenig - 1Ko - 2018]