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Galerie Jan Chlpka - Oeuvres de Jan Chlpka

Galerie Jan Chlpka - Oeuvres de Jan Chlpka

Jan Chlpka
Jan Chlpka

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Fine art by Jan Chlpka Oeuvres de Jan Chlpka Jan Chlpka Jan Chlpka Jan Chlpka Jan Chlpka Jan Chlpka Jan Chlpka Jan Chlpka

Les 20 oeuvres de Jan Chlpka

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Ajouté le 10 janvier 2016
Ajouté le 1 janvier 2016
Ajouté le 7 septembre 2014
Ajouté le 7 mai 2008
Ajouté le 6 mai 2008
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La fierté de notre Cour

Le passé et le présent

Femme sur vélo

'Savings Bank slovaques'

Mère et fille

La vie à dimension humaine

Le sort de la famille

La fabrication de saucisses



dimanche l'après midi

sous burden vie

ensuite partie

sur ombre

près du lune

hatif cycliste



quatre des vieilles et a dame

le facteur

It was a long time ago. So long that I’m not sure whether it was reality or just my imagination. I was on the exhibition. I still remember spacious gallery fully decorated with pictures with lots of visitors. People were looking on paintings looking for the most beautiful ones. I joined myself to the crowd and took delight in the beauty of the art....
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  - When I was a little child, I have already had a great admiration for the great masters of a paintbrush. The more I have looking at their works, the greater was my admiration and a wish to create myself started growing inside me. For me the painting is not only a painting it is a poem, it is a story, and in general, the painting is a way of thinkin...
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  - Jan Chlpka was born in Hlozany (Vojvodina, Serbia), 1965. He graduat on Veterinarinarian faculty in Sarajevo, work as veterinarian in Bacsky Petrovec. He had solitary first of all in Bacsky Petrovec in Zuzka Medvedova Gallery in 1993, then in Hlozany...
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