Galerie Harry Weisburd - Oeuvres de Harry Weisburd

Galerie Harry Weisburd - Oeuvres de Harry Weisburd

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    femme dedans robe rouge sur rues du san francisco
    Achat d'une reproduction sur toile peinte à la main
    chinois chanteur d'opéra avec lotus fleurs
    Achat impression sur toile
    3D rouge table
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    Woman in Red Bikini
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    déesse de la terre colline près mer avec déesse nuage
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    Artiste -2 modèles dans la lingerie noire
    Achat d'une reproduction sur toile peinte à la main
    opéra chinois chanteur
    Achat impression sur toile
    amoureux au plage
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    2 femmes sur la plage
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    double réflexions
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    ARTISTE 2 modèles de lingerie NOIR
    Achat d'une reproduction sur toile peinte à la main
    Mythe: les formes Daiad arbres -Chi énergie féminine dans la nature
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    `Wow` ! un grand un et lèvres rouges
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    Couple sur la plage en noir Vêtements Blancs
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    Figure On The Beach
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    Achat d'une reproduction sur toile peinte à la main
    Bonne Romance Heure
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    Mlle Lonely Hearts 3D
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    Blonde en bleu Top
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    HIlls Déesse de la Terre

  - Harry Weisburd was born in New York City. He became interested in art at an early age of 6. Harry brought a drawing he did of a copy of Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse. Everyone in his class thought it was outstanding and this encouraged Harry to think about doing more art. As a teenager he attended the art classes at the Brooklyn Museum Art School in B...
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  - Art Book Publisher and Collector, Marika Herskovic has 4 Weisburd paintings in her collection. Publisher of NY School Press Art book publishers .
[Biography - Harry Weisburd - 1Ko - 2015]

  - Harry Weisburd was selected to be exhibited in the "Many Forms of Art" at the Berkeley Center Arts Passage, Berkeley, California April 23 -July 23, 2015 The Art Passage is the corridor across the street from Berkeley College and across the street from the Berkeley Repertory Theatre , between Milvia and Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley. Harry is exhibiting...
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  - Harry Weisburd is in the collection of Alexandra York, Collector and best selling author of "Crospoints, A Novel of Choice " Best selling book about New York Art world, in USA. Russia and Argentina. Founder of President of The Arts for the 21st Century, New York. Members including New York City Opera singers, Poets, Writers, Sculptors including, Fr...
[Biography - Harry Weisburd - 2Ko - 2014]

  - Figurative Artist Harry Weisburd , was born in New York. Harry has been influenced by artists such as Austrian Artists, Gustave Klimt and Egon Schiele. He loves the drawings and paintings of French Artist, Toulouse Lautrec. He also likes the Art of German American artist, Richard Lindner. Harry Graduated , Parsons School of Design, New York City. H...
[Biography - Harry Weisburd - 4Ko - 2013]

  - American Greeting Card Corporation and Hallmark Cards will be publishing greeting cards of the Art of Harry Weisburd, Social Commentary.
[Biography - Harry Weisburd - 1Ko - 2013]

  - LOVE, UNITY AND FREEDOM Art Exhibition. Expressions Gallery, 2035 Ashby Avenue, (Ashby Arts District) Berkeley, California, 94703 Website: January 22, ---March 15, 2013 Harry Weisburd is exhibiting a painting included in the book : "Poems of Jack Spicer" including with poem, "Japonisme". Wesleyan University Press, 2008 Ja...
[Biography - Harry Weisburd - 2Ko - 2013]

  - "TRANSPORT, Where we go from here" , PRO ARTS GALLERY, 150 Frank H Ogawa Plaze, Oakland, California , 94612 Website January 22 --February 15, 2013 Harry Weisburd is exhibiting a traditionally painted watercolor that converts to 3D image with Chroma Depth, 3D glasses.
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  - LOVE, UNITY AND FREEDOM Art exhibition. Expressions Gallery, 2035 Ashby Avenue, (Ashby Arts District) , Berkeley, Calif 94703 Website : . January 19--March 15, 2013 . Harry Weisburd is exhibiting a painting that was included in the book of Poems by California Poet, Jack Spicer. "Collected Poems of Jack Spicer" Wesleyan Uni...
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  - "WONDER", Artists Annual Art Exhibition, Berkeley Arts Center, December 6---January 27, 2013. Be rkeley Arts Center , 1275 Walnut Street, Berkeley, California, 94709 Website:
[Biography - Harry Weisburd - 1Ko - 2013]

  - "TRANSPORT, Where are we going from here? " PRO ARTS GALLERY, Exhibition, January 22, ---February ,15, 2013. Pro Arts Gallery, 150 Frank H Ogawa Plaza, Oakland, Calif 94612. Website : Harry Weisburd is exhibiting his painting, " Deluxe Accommodations" ( Chauffeured Limo ) Traditionally painted watercolor converts to 3D image ...
[Biography - Harry Weisburd - 2Ko - 2013]

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  - Harry Weisburd is listed in Who's Who In America, 2013 edition Harry refers to Artscad in the listing , and awards of Platinum Confidence labels for his paintings exhibited on
[Biography - Harry Weisburd - 1Ko - 2012]

  - "Stairway to Heaven " 3D Art Harry Weisburd's Page
Traditionally painted Watercolor , CONVERTS TO 3D IMAGE with clear lens glasses. Harry Weisburd is experimenting with new clear lens glasses that convert his traditonally painted Watercolors to 3D images . Harry is experimenting with watercolor to create 3D images he converts to 3D images using new technology clear lens glasses and in invented in U...
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  - A href='' Img Src=" " border=0 /A Harry Weisburd received Gold Medal Award on this site .
[Biography - Harry Weisburd - 2Ko - 2011]

  - Harry Weisburd exhibited in group show "Razzle Dazzle", Expressions Gallery, Berkeley, California, October 30 -January 7, 2011. Website:
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  - Harry Weisburd, is exhibited and represented by the Zezhong Gallery, Beijing, China Culture Development Co.,Ltd,Guang Yin Tang Art Avenue, No 50 Wang 5i Yang Chang Yang District, Beijing, China. American Artist Harry Weisburd is exhibiting Figurative...
[Announcement - Harry Weisburd - 2Ko - 2008]

  - DANCING FOR JOY EXPRESSIONS GALLERY, 2035 Ashby Avenue at Shattuck Ave., Berkeley,Ca. 94705, USA presents a group exhibit with world wide artists in the San Francisco bay area.   Exhibit includes: Paintings, Sculpture, Prints, Jewelry and Hand Made C...
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  - 'Chinese Opera Paintings by Harry Weisburd' OBJECTS OF FOLKLORE EXHIBITION, Oakland Asian Cultural Center, 388 Ninth Street, Suite 290, Oakland, Ca. 94607 (Downtown Oakland, 2nd floor). Gallery hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 10 am - 5 pm.  For more informa...
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  - Harry Weisburd had 2 Pen and Ink Drawings accepted for exhibition at the DIRTY SHOW, 9th  INTERNATIONAL EROTIC ART EXHIBITION, BART'S  WAREHOUSE THEATER, DETROIT, MICHIGAN.  February 8 - 16, 2008
[Announcement - Harry Weisburd - 1Ko - 2008]

  - Chinese Opera: A Tradition of over 200 years
Chinese Opera Paintings by Harry Weisburd Oakland Asian Cultural Center - Oakland, CA USA United States of America An Exhibition of Chinese Opera Paintings by Harry Weisburd. is on exhibit at the Oakland Asian Cultural Center, 388 Ninth Street, Suite...
[Page - Harry Weisburd - 2Ko - 2007]

  - HARRY WEISBURD is listed and exhibits online with THE BRITISH MUSEUM OF EROTIC ART, ENGLAND WEBSITE : ww.britishmuseumoferoticart,com
[Announcement - Harry Weisburd - 1Ko - 2007]

  - OBJECTS OF FOLKLORE OAKLAND ASIAN CULTURAL CENTER, OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, USA This exhibit include objects from Chinese Opera, Indonesian Gamelan, puppetry and an EXHIBITION OF CHINESE OPERA PAINTINGS by artist HARRY WEISBURD. The exhibition is at the ...
[Announcement - Harry Weisburd - 2Ko - 2007]

Livre des invités de Harry Weisburd

magnifiques tableaux
superbes tableaux, couleurs sublimes, bravo j'apprécie énormément.
(Nadine De Sausseron, 8 mars 2010)