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Galerie Glynis Berger - Oeuvres de Glynis Berger

Galerie Glynis Berger - Oeuvres de Glynis Berger

Glynis Berger
Glynis Berger

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Fine art by Glynis Berger Oeuvres de Glynis Berger Glynis Berger Glynis Berger Glynis Berger Glynis Berger Glynis Berger Glynis Berger Glynis Berger

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Ajouté le 17 novembre 2009
Ajouté le 26 janvier 2009
Ajouté le 26 octobre 2008
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Ajouté le 23 septembre 2007
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Ajouté le 28 novembre 2006
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Ajouté le 31 mars 2006
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Un avant-goût de l été

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après l' tempête

vide de promesses


Montauk #3

  - Art has been a part of my existence since early childhood. Painting is my passion, but as we all know, sometimes life gets in the way. For many years I made my living and my art in photography and darkroom work. Thankfully the digital age rescued me from all of that. For the next 10 years, I designed clothing and costumes for theatre, film and ball...
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