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Galerie Garry Samunjan - Oeuvres de Garry Samunjan

Galerie Garry Samunjan - Oeuvres de Garry Samunjan

  - Adding a New Dimension for Art World Garry Samunjan's Page
There are so many artists involved in the art world and trying to draw both name and fame. But there are few of them who have really taken a different approach to keep things better for their account and for that they have adopted a unique art style to show their skill set and commitment for their passion. People use to say that artists are the pas...
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  - Biography of Garry Samunjan Garry Samunjan is born in 1967 Georgia Tbilisi (USSR) He have an education of architect in the University of Georgia Garry Samunjan emigrate into the USA in 1990 Selective exhibitions: 2003 ART EXPO в Jacob Javitz NY.NY. John Elder Gallery Chelsey NY. Taj Mahal Casino . 2002 Tabak Museum Austria Sant Regis Hotel 5 ave. N...
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Styles Oeuvres : Eclectionisme