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Galerie Donna Ridgway - Oeuvres de Donna Ridgway

Galerie Donna Ridgway - Oeuvres de Donna Ridgway

Donna Ridgway
Donna Ridgway
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Ajouté le 5 fevrier 2008
Ajouté le 4 fevrier 2008
Ajouté le 1 aout 2007
Ajouté le 17 juillet 2007
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Jarrets 'n' Les genoux

Jarrets 'n' Les genoux

Frais Peaux de daim

Le Thoroughbred's Oeil

elle oreilles être vers le haut

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  - Born into a family that homesteaded on the Rocky Mountain Front near Dupuyer, Mt, I have a ranch life background. I worked with animals all my life, therefore they became my friends and subjects. Isolation on the ranch made me a self taught artist, s...
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  - Donna Ridgway was born in Conrad, Mt. Grew up in Valier and loved spending time at the ranch on the Rocky Mountain Front where her grandparents homesteaded. She married and moved to Charlo, Mt where she lived for many years before divorcing. She has ...
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  - Donna Ridgway, Montana Artist

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