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Galerie Dedic Drago - Oeuvres de Dedic Drago

Galerie Dedic Drago - Oeuvres de Dedic Drago

Dedic Drago
Dedic Drago

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Fine art by Dedic Drago Oeuvres de Dedic Drago Dedic Drago Dedic Drago Dedic Drago Dedic Drago Dedic Drago Dedic Drago Dedic Drago

Les 12 oeuvres de Dedic Drago

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Ajouté le 5 juillet 2007
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Trahison de la mémoire

Rêve perdu dans le désert

L'homme plusieurs

Le voleur de la mémoire

Le monde mysterieux de lun rêve

Le miroir cassé

Elle tourne quand meme

La femme aux billes

Le livré aux pages perdues

Juin partie de mes ancêtres

Les trésors de lun l imagination

Les pièces à conviction

  - Text from Jean-Marie DUNOYER
DEAS AND VISIONS Le Monde, February 22,1975, Page 27 &hellip [In his drawings], Drago Dedic doesn't use color, and when he uses it &ndash which is not often &ndash he can do without it. Drawings, only drawings, full of details, thorough and very comp...
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  - Text from Alain Bosque
THE TRAGIC FOLKLORE OF DEDIC Usually, painters who draw their subject matter from the human treasure of their native lands limit themselves to expressing this treasure in a respectful way in which every single detail is painted in a realistic manner....
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  - Text from Francisco Sorribes
DEDIC DRAGO 'Everything in this domain is linked to looking, touching, space, forms, colors, light. In this sense, painting constitutes a silent approach to the world and to things by transforming them through the very act of creation in a silence 'j...
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  - This beautiful, rough-hewn artist was born in 1937 in Orahovo, Montenegro (Yugoslavia). He began primary school in 1946. In the same year, his father was imprisoned for his political opinions and remained in prison for three-and-a-half years. This wa...
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